Singer Beyonce Pregnant

Singer Beyonce Pregnant at the MTV Video Music Awards a while back was shocking the public, including the netizens (internet users). In fact, immediately announced that Beyonce's pregnancy broke records Twitter. Tweeps (Twitter users) posting tweets per second 8868, when the singer is secretly married to rapper Jay-Z announced her pregnancy on the red carpet. Through twitter, MTV also announced the pregnancy Beyonce, with a tweet: "OMG Beyonce just made ​​a huge announcement on the  VMA carpet!Baby. This is Beyonce's first child, who is now 29 years old.

Not only that, the MTV Video Music Awards is also a record for MTV's biggest audience, since it was first launched, with 12.4 million viewers. 
Television stations broadcast special events related to music was first launched August 1, 1981.

The previous record was created when Japan's national team won the Women's Football World Cup last July. At that time, Japan beat the United States. 
In addition, Brazil defeat of Paraguay in the Copa America was also a record for Twitter. At that time, there were 7166 tweets per second.
Not only the music and football, the death of Osama bin Laden and the earthquake-tsunami in Japan has also created a record Twitter.

Last June, Twitter announced that there are more than 200 million tweets are posted every day. This number increased rapidly from 65 million tweets per day last year.

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