Rockstar Music launch at Dargah Reviews

Rockstar Music launch at Dargah Reviews, Director Imtiaz Ali often frequented the Nizamuddin Dargah during the shooting of his next, " Rockstar", that stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri. We had reported earlier that he had shot a qawwali sequence at the dargah.

And that's not the only connect the dargah has with the film – Ranbir's grandfather Raj Kapoor was a frequent visitor and would often bring his films' reels to the Sufi saint's shrine. Ranbir too, stayed there for a couple of days while shooting for the qawwali scene in the film. AR Rahman (the film's music director) has often expressed his reverence for the place, and Imtiaz is a regular.

During the Ganpati visarjan in Mumbai a few days ago, Imtiaz Ali had placed a copy of the film's music CD at the feet of the Ganesha idol at RK Studios in Chembur. Now, DT has learnt that the director has decided to release the music of "Rockstar" at Nizamuddin Dargah for an auspicious beginning.

The launch will probably be towards the end of this month, after the end of the Urs Mahotsav, and will be a night event. Imtiaz will be accompanied by Ranbir and a few members of the cast, and he is, apparently, also trying to convince Rahman to make a quick trip with them. At the launch, there will also be a qawwali session, where they will sing the qawwali that features in the film. Imtiaz was unavailable for comment, but dargah in-charge Syed Afsar Ali Nizami confirmed the news and said, "Imtiaz bhai has shot the qawwali at the dargah and even Rahman bhai has a very special place for it in his heart. The dargah features in the movie too, and we hope for the success of its music." (Rererence : times of india).

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Artist: Emil and Friends

Artist: Emil and Friends 

Hail From: New York and Boston
Song: 'Prescriptions'
Album: 'Lo and Behold' [Amazon] 
Sounds Like: Savoir Adore, Sufjan Stevens 

In Their Words: "This song, for me, is a specific direction to a place I'd like to explore on all future full length releases, no matter how energetic the other songs could be. A place that feels cinematic, where strings come in and pull you along in their wake. And look, we all get sick of not saying how we feel, artists especially, and we either act on or deny the impulse to change that. There are some morbid images in this song, and I find the bizarre lifestyle of the underexposed twenty-something musician to be the very machine that churns these images out. Just because you make music somebody calls pop doesn't ever give you the right to exclude the darker sides of life from the brighter shades of music." -- Singer Emil Hewitt

Toddla T, Cherry Picking - Roisin Murphy Free MP3 Download

Artist: Toddla T 
Hails From: Sheffield, England
Song: 'Cherry Picking'
Album: 'Watch Me Dance' [iTunes] 
Sounds Like: Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson 

In His Words: "I recorded this song with Roisin in Sheffield about two years ago. She has a deep heritage in Sheffield music as she lived and created Moloko there. It was an honor to work with her." -- Toddla T

Toddla T, born 22 February 1985, was raised in Sheffield. Toddla T started DJing at the age of 14 in the clubs and bars of Sheffield and by the age of 16 had left school to pursue a full-time career in the music industry. His stage name was given to him by the older Sheffield DJs who influenced him and was used to indicate his relative youth. Despite originating from Sheffield, Bell regularly DJs all over the globe and currently shares a studio with up and coming producer Redlight. Bell currently resides in Queens Park, London where he shares a residence with longterm girlfriend, world renowned and influential Irish, club and Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. Mac features on Toddla T's debut album through the form of an irate phone call when Bell awakens her. In the June 2010 issue of Sheffield's 'Fused' magazine Bell describes her as 'sound', 'genuine' and 'lovely'.

Toddla T's first album, for 1965 Records, encompasses hip-hop, electro, garage, dancehall and house and was released in May 2009. The major collaborators were Serocee and Mr Versatile. The album also features further collaborations with Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys, Benjamin Zephaniah, Roots Manuva, Tinchy Stryder, Joe Goddard and Hervé. He has created a mix album for the London nightclub Fabric. Toddla T is currently DJing throughout the UK, Europe and North America and he is a resident DJ at Fabric. He has a regular slot on BBC Radio 1 in the "In New DJs We Trust" slot. He is involved in recording and producing various artists such as Jammer, Trojan Sound System, Lady Chann and Tinchy Stryder. He recently signed to the record label Ninja Tune and is currently working on his next album.

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Best Of The Best Songs of 2011

Choosing the best songs of 2011 so far was quite the task. Debates got heated, email chains devolved into name-calling, staffer integrity was questioned, and "final" versions of the list ended up crumpled in trash bins. But we here at Spinner persevered. The list below represents our varying musical tastes and backgrounds, and since you have every right to respectfully disagree with us, please let us know what you think in the comments. 

25 . 'Stone Rollin''  Raphael Saadiq 
The former Tony! Tone! Toni! member continues to build an impressive second act with another release that alludes to (but isn't cowed by) the old-school R&B and rock that still sets his pants on fire. The lowdown-funky title track, 'Stone Rollin',' opens with blues-bar harmonica and features a repeating violin figure that rolls like a deckhand on high seas. The vintage flourishes -- a Saadiq specialty -- only reinforce the song's up-to-the-minute righteousness. --James Sullivan 
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24 . 'War in Heaven'  The Raveonettes 
This title neatly sums up the Danish duo's violently beautiful oeuvre, and the music does, too, mixing Sharin Foo's ethereal coo with chiming skyward synths, programmed drumbeats and waves of reverb-drenched guitar. The band's before-their-time Phil Spector influences take a backseat here to a childhood spent spinning '80s darkwave records, but the Raveonettes' end result sounds as classic as ever. --Joshua Ostroff 
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23. 'Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)' The Vaccines 
In just a minute and 22 seconds, these Brits blaze through five stanzas and a guitar solo, copping the beat from Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself' and sugary push of every great Ramones song (as a bonus, there's even a reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald). Watching them play SXSW, we knew backlash was imminent, but so what? As long as the UK sends us guitar bands with good hooks and decent haircuts, we're game to listen. --Kenneth Partridge 
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22 . 'Some Children'  Holy Ghost Feat. Michael McDonald 
On the closing cut of Holy Ghost!'s self-titled debut album, they ingeniously bring together angelic vocals from the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and verses from blue-eyed soul crooner Michael McDonald. And through this imaginative, unlikely pairing, the Brooklyn synth-pop duo did something almost unimaginable: they lived up to their own hype. --Theo Bark 
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21 . 'Satellite'  The Kills 
Reunited and it feels so ... creepy. That's just the mood you want from Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, who've spent the last few years hanging with Jack White and Kate Moss, respectively. The lead single from the duo's fourth album, 'Blood Pressures,' shifts the focus from sexy, grimy electro-blues -- the Kills' signature sound -- to sexy, grimy electro-dub. Not since the Specials' 'Ghost Town' has punky reggae sounded this anxious. --K.P. 
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20. 'Simple Math'  Manchester Orchestra 
Sometimes a video perfectly tells the story of a song. The title track from Manchester Orchestra's latest album replays the life a modern-day 20-something, evaluating choices made and questioning everything. The eerie undertone created by the string ensemble, Andy Hull's haunting vocals and the band's driving post-hardcore sound send you on an emotional roller coaster. And the video brings it all to life. --Mike Spinella 
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19.  'I Wrote the Book'  Beth Ditto 
Beth Ditto's first single as a solo artist is a step in a much house-ier direction (with beats courtesy of Simian Mobile Disco), and it already has us jonesing to hear it on a crowded dance floor. With its jaded-diva vibe and repeated theme of "don't test me," this talk-to-the-hand summer jam just screams "Oh no you di'in't!" --Jason Persse 
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18. 'Separator'  Radiohead 
Thom Yorke and company's surprise release of 'The King of Limbs' was greeted with snap judgments and a storm of sarcasm across the Web. Love it or hate it, the lightning-rod LP featured a gem of a closer in 'Separator,' a surreal down-tempo track with layers so deep that it's best appreciated with eyes closed, headphones on and all Radiohead prejudices ignored. --Dan Reilly 
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17. 'Lose It'  Austra 
Once upon a time, Katie Stelmanis trained to be an opera singer. Nowadays, the rising Toronto star applies her classical pipes to crooning dark electro-goth pop songs in her buzzy new trio Austra. On the group's second single, Stelmanis sings of being abandoned all alone in the darkness, with the pulsating beat and crystalline synth shards making the gloom sound like a place where we wouldn't mind being lost. --J.O. 
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16. 'Pumped Up Kicks'  Foster the People 
The first time we heard this infectious little ditty with its quirky gunfire-filled refrain, we thought, "Wow, great song. We'll be sick of it in a month, though." Our mistake. Months later, we still crank it every time it comes on, and after seeing Foster the People rock it live at Coachella this year, we don't think we'll ever tire of it. --Steve Baltin 
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15. 'The Last Living Rose'  PJ Harvey 
"Goddamn, Europeans" begins PJ Harvey's 'Last Living Rose,' a sentiment that could be shared in the conversations of booze-fueled rednecks. Harvey's song, however, is no bar-top lament under Budweiser lights -- like much of parent album 'Let England Shake,' it's soaked in the stuff of war, a Tommy's lament for dear-old Britain that features a hallucinatory parade of images, fog over the "graveyards and dead sea captains" and the glistening Thames rushing to the sea. --Stephen Dowling 
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14. 'Waitin' on the Sky' Steve Earle 
Earle has a written plenty of autobiographical songs, aAnd with good reason: It's a wonder he's still alive to look back on his life with any sort of clarity. The "hard-core troubadour" gets help from T Bone Burnett and Patti Smith's guitarist son Jackson on this country shuffler, proving that he's only gotten stronger as he's mellowed. --D.R. 
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13. 'Meantime' GIVERS 
It's not just the impeccable musicianship on display that sets GIVERS apart from their contemporaries (note their ability to effortlessly change tempo and time signature on a dime), but their obvious passion for the music they create. On the triumphant 'Meantime,' the Louisiana quintet acknowledge what plenty of indie rocker seem to have forgotten -- it's OK for music to make us feel joy. --Adam Horne 
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12. 'Under Cover of Darkness'  The Strokes 
The lead single from the New Yorkers' long-awaited 'Angles' is a return to the oft-imitated sound we know and love -- and no one does it better. Jangling, oh-no-they-didn't-go-that-high guitar licks, a watertight bass line and Julian Casablancas' too-cool-for-school vocals all combine to make this worthy of a 'Breakfast Club'-esque dance-off. --Rob Smy 
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11. 'Will Do'  TV on the Radio 
Even on an album full of songs preoccupied with love, TV on the Radio's 'Will Do' stands out. The dense, knotty rhythm and skronking guitars belie the casual, patient lyrics, implying that while anytime will do to dump the zero and get happy, right now would be best, thank you. --Eric R. Danton 
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10. 'Representing Memphis'  Booker T. Feat. Sharon Jones and Matt Berninger 
Now five decades into his career, Booker T is making some of the most interesting music out there. This year, he tapped soul superstar Sharon Jones and the National's Matt Berninger to lend vocals to this tribute to his Tennessee hometown. Ms. Jones' smooth vocals, Berninger's signature baritone and Mr. Jones' classic organ chops cook up a Southern recipe that properly pays homage to the musical mecca. --M.S. 
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09. 'Go Outside' Cults 
New York duo Cults blend the famed '60s-style girl-group sound of the Ronettes and the unique spaciness of Bjork on this gem, which starts with bells and unapologetically maintains that sweetness for three glorious minutes of pure, childlike bliss. --S.B. 
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08  'All Die Young'  Smith Westerns 
Smith Westerns' 'All Die Young' gently rests your head on a pillow of church organ before opening up an IV-drip of slide guitar, sending you to a world of first kisses and clean swimming pools. For the old, it's a time machine back to an endless summer; for the young, it's a reminder that being young is really friggin' awesome. And just like the halcyon days of youth, you wish this track from 'Dye It Blonde' would never end. --J.P. 
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07. 'Holdin' on to Black Metal'  My Morning Jacket 
Long-term MMJ fans have come to expect the unexpected from a band that has shape-shifted and melded genres at every turn. It's typical that they've come up with a weird, spooky psych-soul ode to black metal ("Catch your waves on Lucifer's beach") that's audacious from the hip-swinging, sauntering groove and swaggering horns down to the soaring choir. Recorded in a church gym to create a massive spaced-out sound, this song has the kind of balls-out bombast to make it the best Bondtheme never written. --Rebecca Laurence 
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06. 'Take Me Over'  Cut Copy 
Interviewing Cut Copy earlier this year, we accidentally referred to 'Take Me Over' as 'Take Me Out.' The Aussie dance-rock foursome was quick to correct us, perhaps fearing we'd confused the track with Franz Ferdinand's 2004 breakout single. In fact, 'Take Me Over' makes us think of Men at Work's 'Down Under,' at least until the springy verse gives way to the clubby chorus, and all memory of Vegemite sandwiches goes counterclockwise down the toilet. --K.P. 
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05. 'Get Away'  Yuck 
We got swept away by this Yuck song's swirling guitar riff and throbbing bass line. Add in the uniquely pleading, yearning vocals of frontman Daniel Blumberg -- he repeatedly sings about pain and need -- and you've got yourself one hell of a '90s throwback jam, ripe for bedroom-floor listening while you work some stuff out in your head. --Kim Davis 
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04.  'Make Some Noise' Beastie Boys 
Concerned Beasties fans let out a collective sigh of relief upon hearing the trio's first 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. II' single, an old-school party anthem anchored by a seriously funky breakbeat and fuzzed-out organ riff. Simultaneously winking to their rebellious youth and embracing the socially conscious men they've become, the track boasts one of the Boys' most memorable lyrics to date: "We got a party on the left, a party on the right/We gonna party for the motherf---ing right to fight." --A.H. 
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03. 'New Direction'  The Black Lips 
The Black Lips' summer-ready single is nothing if not freaking hand-clapping fun. With a distinct surf-rock sensibility, it's perfect listening for grabbing a friend, hopping in a drop-top car and driving somewhere (anywhere!). Or, as they suggest, you can just "surf the mountain, ride the crest." Yeah, man. --K.D. 
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02. 'Someone Like You'  Adele 
Adele has said she'll never write another song like 'Someone Like You.' A love letter to an ex she can't and won't forget, the big-voiced singer gives it her all, showcasing her broad range against a simple piano backdrop. Adele has also said it's the song for which she'd like to be remembered, and while we don't want to preempt the young singer's future output, it's undoubtedly a worthy contender. --R.S. 
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01. 'Heartaches and Pain'  Charles Bradley 
The final track on Bradley's debut album originally came out a few years back as a 45 B-side, but got its wide release this year, so we're counting it. The song tells the story of his brother's murder, and the emotional wounds sear through speakers thanks to the soul man's raspy screams. Punctuated by the stellar horn playing of the Menahan Street Band, the cut has such an impact that it might as well serve as the definition for both of the titular sufferings. Ultimately, though, the song is about healing -- and who better to tell us about it than a man who's dealt with so much, including time spent living on the streets, before releasing his first record at 62 years old and finally finding the acclaim he deserves? --D.R. 
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Louise Burns Drop Names Not Bombs MP3 Download Free

Artist: Louise Burns 
Hails From: Vancouver
Song: 'Drop Names Not Bombs'
Album: 'Mellow Drama' [iTunes] [Amazon] 
Sounds Like: She and Him, Rilo Kiley 

In Her Words: "As a former teen pop star on the edge of obscurity, I've seen my fair share of "industry parties" where music "industry" types speak in the language of name-dropping in hopes to raise their social status. Everyone gets their 15 minutes; some are just more creative with what they do with it than others... This song is a commentary on that, I suppose."

Louise Burns is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Formerly a member of the band Lillix, she released her debut album as a solo artist, Mellow Drama, on April 5, 2011 on Light Organ Records. She began a national tour to support the album in June 2011; in the same month, the album was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize.
Mellow Drama was produced by Dave Ogilvie and Kevin James Maher.

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Watch Justin Bieber's U Smile Video

Quick -- what's the most romantic thing you've ever done? Sending flowers to your girl's workplace? Making her breakfast in bed? It doesn't matter: Justin Bieber's got you beat.

Last night (Sept. 23), the Canadian teen-pop godhead surprised girlfriend Selena Gomez by taking her to the Staples Center, where they watched 'Titanic' on the big screen, all by themselves, TMZ reports. The ridiculously good-looking pair had begun the evening by checking out Demi Lovato at L.A.'s nearby Nokia Theater, and after the concert, the sly Biebs led Gomez to the home of the Lakers via an underground passageway.

What's more, the superstar got use of the venue for the nice price of $0, since he's sold the place out three times. Bieber reportedly got the idea from 'Mr. Deeds,' which marks one of the few times an Adam Sandler movie has been used to woo a lady.

Watch Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' Video

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Our Summer of Radiohead Remixes

Our summer of Radiohead remixes (and summer itself) has come to an end with the final three tracks in the series. This last set is the strongest we've heard since those first twirly Caribou beats made our hearts flutter back in July.

We begin with the very remixable "Bloom," which makes four appearances in this series, double any other track. Jamie XX's take is a lot tamer than the others. It's like a pleasant breeze that, within this three track, mini-remix set, feels almost like a introduction to the next two. Anstam's "Separator" remix is the surprise standout, nailing the timing on every little beat. Pace is indeed the trick here. Then it ends all spooky-like, which makes for a good segue to SBTRKT's ominous version of "Lotus Flower." There's a surprising amount going on here sonically, but SBTRKT doesn't let you notice, making for a smooth, satisfying closeout.

You can purchase the full remix series, TKOL RMX 1234567, on Oct. 11 (full tracklist below). Tonight, catch Radiohead join Alec Baldwin on SNL (preview below) and keep your fingers crossed for that Baldwin/Yorke skit. Stranger things surely have never happened.

Disc 1
Caribou "Little by Little Rmx"
Jacques Greene "Lotus Flower Rmx"
Nathan Fake "Morning Mr. Magpie Rmx"
Harmonic 313 "Bloom Rmx"
Mark Pritchard "Bloom Rmx"
Lone "Feral Rmx"
Pearson Sound "Morning Mr. Magpie Scavenger Rmx"
Four Tet "Separator Rmx"

Disc 2
Thriller "Give Up the Ghost Houseghost Rmx"
Illum Sphere "Codex Rmx"
Shed "Little by Little Rmx"
Brokenchord "Give Up the Ghost Rmx"
Altrice "TKOL Rmx"
Blawan "Bloom Rmx"
Modeselektor "Good Evening Mrs. Magpie Rmx"
Objekt "Bloom Rmx"
Jamie XX "Bloom Rework"
Anstam "Separator Rmx"
SBTRKT "Lotus Flower Rmx"

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Alyssa Graham In Her Words Watching The Sky

Artist: Alyssa Graham 
Hails From: New York
Song: 'Watching the Sky'
Album: 'Lock, Stock and Soul' [iTunes] 
Sounds Like: Joni Mitchell, Carole King 

In Her Words: "'Watching The Sky' is a simple country-flavored modern duet between me and Jesse Harris, an old friend and an amazing songwriter. Though I had originally recorded it solo, it's got this simultaneous sense of vulnerability and strength, a contradiction that cried out for a duet. It was a serendipitous opportunity for Jesse and I to track a tune together and it was a blast recording it with him -- old friends, microphones and guitars. What could be better?"

Download: 'Watching the Sky' (MP3)

Alyssa Graham (born Alyssa Hope Altschul) is a singer-songwriter based largely in New York City. She plays guitar and piano. In 2005, she launched her solo music career with the release of the critically acclaimed album, What Love Is, which was heralded by All About Jazz as one of the “Best New Recordings of 2005.” Her subsequent studio album, Echo, released in 2008 was critically acclaimed and commercially successful debuting at #24 on the Billboard contemporary jazz charts. The New York Times named Echo a “Critics’ Choice CD” and iTunes named it one of the “Top 10 Vocal Albums of the Year.” Echo was featured in ELLE Magazine and NPR called it “poignant… openhearted.” Alyssa Graham was recognized by Amazon as one of their “New and Notable Artists” and made musical history as the first singer to record the track “Involved Again,” originally written by Jack Reardon (The Good Life) for Billie Holiday in the 1950’s.

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Singer Beyonce Pregnant

Singer Beyonce Pregnant at the MTV Video Music Awards a while back was shocking the public, including the netizens (internet users). In fact, immediately announced that Beyonce's pregnancy broke records Twitter. Tweeps (Twitter users) posting tweets per second 8868, when the singer is secretly married to rapper Jay-Z announced her pregnancy on the red carpet. Through twitter, MTV also announced the pregnancy Beyonce, with a tweet: "OMG Beyonce just made ​​a huge announcement on the  VMA carpet!Baby. This is Beyonce's first child, who is now 29 years old.

Not only that, the MTV Video Music Awards is also a record for MTV's biggest audience, since it was first launched, with 12.4 million viewers. 
Television stations broadcast special events related to music was first launched August 1, 1981.

The previous record was created when Japan's national team won the Women's Football World Cup last July. At that time, Japan beat the United States. 
In addition, Brazil defeat of Paraguay in the Copa America was also a record for Twitter. At that time, there were 7166 tweets per second.
Not only the music and football, the death of Osama bin Laden and the earthquake-tsunami in Japan has also created a record Twitter.

Last June, Twitter announced that there are more than 200 million tweets are posted every day. This number increased rapidly from 65 million tweets per day last year.

Farhan Akhtar Got Talent Singing

Farhan Akhtar Got Talent Singing, Mumbai, Sept. 8 -- Oh, this K.One sometimes wakes up really late. I don't mean literally, but he remembers gossip only days and weeks after he's heard it. Like this one that he's begging to share with me on Farhan Akhtar. At least a week ago, Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendosa, the composer trio celebrated their 15 years together.

Now, no guest I'm sure paid so much heed to this, but Mr Akhtar sang all the hits composed by the music directors in his Rock On!! voice and even thanked them for being there for him. So much so that now there is talk that he may do an entire music album with them. Shouldn't that 'thank you' have come earlier since they've done everything from giving chartbusters to initiating Farhan into singing? Khair, der aaye durust aaye!

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American Idol Pia Toscano Releases This Time

Many of the former American Idol who did not succeed in popularizing his albums, but the good news is that former contestant Pia Toscano seems to already be spreading her musical wings with the release her first music video, for the song This Time, and it's actually not that bad. I'm a big fan of the song itself, so on it's own is good enough for me, but the music video sets the mood for the message the song is trying to get across.

The singer is shown driving in a blue convertible or staring out into the ocean on a beach while singing lyrics like, "I'm gonna free myself, gonna make a change. And like a butterfly, I'mma spread my wings." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put together that driving a car signifies leaving the past behind, while the waves and changing tide represent starting over. It's not ground-breaking when it comes to music videos (she's no Lady Gaga...yet anyways), but the song is strong enough to support a video of average quality.
She looks great, she sounds great -- I'm sold.  See for yourself:

Toscano was signed to Interscope Records soon after her elimination. She is said to be working on her first album, which will come out in the fall.

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Former Son In Law on Asha Bhosle Review

For Asha Bhosle, the 78-year-old singing genius, age is just a number. From teaming up with international artists like Brett Lee to giving acting a shot with Marathi film Maai, the veteran singer continues to inspire all generations.

Every year, she adds to her unending body of songs with her melodious voice. On her 78th birthday, Asha's former son-in-law Hemant Kenkre unravels the Asha he knew, during the time he spent with her. Hemant claims he still shares a wonderful personal equation with Asha and there is absolutely no bitterness or negativity. He was married to Asha's daughter Varsha Bhosle.

Secret of the magic in her voice
Apart from the voice, Asha Bhosle believes in putting soul to a song. For that she could go to any lengths. While doing Umrao Jaan, she read the novel first to understand what the character was all about. She was not much into ghazals before, but her research about the character for which she was singing was tremendous. I personally believe it was a huge challenge for her to do a song like that. Even today when you listen to Dil Cheez Kya Hai, you can feel there is a soul in the song.

Ready to go that extra mile
Her commitment to the work was unbelievable. It did not change with the names associated with her projects. For example, once she was returning from a studio after recording with a not-so-great musician. I was accompanying her, as it was a holiday. She suddenly said, "Maybe I should go back to the studio and give it another take. I think I can make it better," and then she drove right back to the studio.

Asha, the live wire
Seeing her perform is an experience in itself. If you see her live shows, she not only sings with a feel but her body language displays an array of emotions like sorrow, love, happiness perfectly.

Birthday plans
She is totally a family person. And she generally likes to celebrate her birthday with her family at home, except if she is abroad for work. I remember only one instance when a grand bash was organized for her birthday.

Living a simple life
She believes in leading a simple life. There is absolutely no extravagance. She is a family person. She is straightforward. She is also very honest and transparent person. She is such a very loving person. But if you challenge her, she can attack like a leopard. She is also very fond of children.

Age is just a number for Asha
She is 78, but still full of energy. Her enthusiasm has not waned with time. Imagine, at this age, she is ready to act in a film called Maai. Her dynamism inspires people. Her never-say-die spirit keeps her going.

A song that describes her the best
Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana - that's the kind of person she is. When she was young, she had such amazing stories to share. She is full of life. It's virtually like talking to an electric wire. She fought with the trials and tribulations of life easily. It is not easy to be doing all this alone.

Birthday Message from Hemant Kenkre
You are still the inspiration of people of my generation and of all generations. Happy birthday and have a great time.

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