Whitney Houston's Family Devastated by National Enquirer's

Whitney Houston's family devastated by National Enquirer's - Whitney Houston’s family is upset over an open casket photo the National Enquirer published, claiming the photo was of Houston before she was laid to rest.

Sources close to the family told TMZ that the Houston family had "their heart broken all over again" this week after the tabloid published the photo and put it on its cover.

The sources also told the website that the photo is indeed of Houston and are horrified that someone was able to breach security and snap the photo. The family also believes whoever took the picture was inside the funeral home, but do not know who could have done it.

While the family is not planning on looking further into the matter, the owner of the Whigham Funeral Home is insisting neither she nor her staff were the ones who took the photo.

Carolyn Whigham told the New York Daily News Friday that she is “horrified” by reports accusing her of taking the picture.

“We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that,” she said.

“Whitney was a friend. I’m the one who flew to Los Angeles and got Whitney from the coroner’s office. I did everything to protect her.”

She added that she has received several emails from Houston’s fans threatening her and that she is “worried about my employees, worried about me. I’ve been in business since 1943. This is my name, my character. Honestly, this is my life’s work. We would never do something like this.”

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