Jessie J had Suffered a Mild Stroke

Jessie J, in fact he had suffered a mild stroke when she was young. Jessie confessed his past that just made him feel stronger now. He felt better and had the courage to be himself in the music industry.

"I think what happened to me when I was 18 years made ​​me realize that you can not guarantee it will live forever," said Jessie J.

Jessie realized that human life can not be predicted. That's why he's become more willing to take risks. "Whatever age you are, how happy you are and whatever you are as healthy, it can not guarantee. And I think it makes me want to take the risk to myself, 'said the British-born singer.

Jessie began her career singing in the world since 2005. At that time he launched his first song titled 'Do It Like a Dude'. "Music is my drug and it's the only drug that I want," said the owner's full name is Jessica Ellen Cornish.

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