Justin Bieber Impregnates Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber Impregnates Mariah Yeater - Mariah Yeater, a woman from California who claimed to have impregnated teen pop star Justin Bieber increasingly popular. After accusing girlfriend Selena Gomez is the father of her baby, now photos of 20-year-old woman began to circulate.
Various poses extreme Yeater also widely circulated. As published in the Daily Mail website, Yeater posing with his face close-up image display with a ponytail and showed three piercings in her lip and a pierced nose.
Yeater also like a superstar posing showing off the back is decorated with two ribbons butterfly tattoos. He also showed a picture of her naked breasts with his hands, closing. There were clearly visible, there are two more star-shaped tattoo on both sides of her hips.
However, there is a photograph showing the face of sweet, innocent Mariah Yeater. The photo was taken from the yearbook's Yeater in 2006. Some other photos also show the face irritated and cheerful face Yeater.
Once the accused has to impregnate Bieber, now, Yeater touted as Beliebers (call for Bieber fans) are very dangerous for the continuation of Bieber's career. Because of the charge, the reputation of a music career a Canadian teen pop singer threatened even this is broken.
Previously, bluntly accusing Justin Yeater had sexual intercourse with a brief 30 seconds without a condom in a place behind the stage. At that time, Bieber was doing a concert in Los Angeles.
Bieber fans, known as Beliebers-reacted badly to this news. In fact, due to these allegations, Yeater threatened with death by some fanatical fans Bieber.
Through twitter accounts, one is also threatens Yeater Bieber fans by writing, "'I Could kill this b ****, She really messes with my baby! Sooo SHE IS DEAD. "

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