The Official Lux Music Video on Dance Moms

I swear that choosing a lead performer for the season finale music video on Dance Moms ended up being more drama than Destiny’s Child, The Supremes and the entire cast of Dreamgirls combined.

Shrinky dink any of those famous battling girl groups down to grade school size, totally rat up their hair, put on a thicker coat of lip gloss and some age inappropriate outfits…and there you go.

Maddie thought she’d get it. Brooke was too…well, too Brooke to get it. It’s been well documented that Nia was way to fierce to get it. And everyone else just didn’t get it.


So that left Chloe to steal the show and out lip synch and out dance “up and coming” (whatever that really means…) star Lux.

You go, girl.

As a thanks to the gazillion people who’ve jumped on the site this month and have been asking…here you go.

Winning? It’s Like Summer. Only waaaaay better. (Reference from :

Free download music video on Dance Moms 

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